Prayers of the Faithful & Offertory


Priest:  Dearly beloved, let us now pray for the Holy Church and for LIAM and GRACE whose marriage reflect their union with Christ.

For every petition we pray:  Lord, graciously hear our prayer.


That the Almighty God may grant LIAM and GRACE fullness of life, peace and forgiveness and increased faith in God as they journey through life together in harmony and joy.  Let us pray to the Lord.

For LIAM and GRACE, that the Almighty God may continue to make His presence felt throughout their married life, and that He may protect them from evil, lighten their burdens, fortify them in their trials.  Let us pray to the Lord.

May they forever be faithful to the vows they made.  Grow in love for one another and be ready to raise a family founded on that love.  Let us pray to the Lord.

For the parents of LIAM and GRACE, who have given much themselves to raise their children, that they may experience God's love, enjoy good health and peace of mind.  Let us pray to the Lord.

For their families and friends, may the Lord grant them the happiness they seek and may they be haves of strength and support for LIAM and GRACE.  Let us pray to the Lord.

For all married couples present, that the Lord may stir up the grace of the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony in them.  Let us pray to the Lord.

Priest:  Lord, we offer this petitions to you, confident in Your love and mercy upon us.  We ask you to grant them according to your most holy will.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.

All:  Amen.

Commentator:  Please be seated for the offertory.



Oh Lord, Father Almighty, accept this bread and wine
We offer now our gifts to thee, to show that we are thine.

Refrain I

And we will give you music, for a thousand themes,
To serve you and love, for our whole life through.

You thought us how to love you, to love our neighbours too,
So clean our hearts and bless our mind, for you to dwell us rhyme.

Refrain II

And we love one another, as brothers and sisters.
With nothing to make us, hate each other.

Soon we will all be sharing, the banquet of our King,
So clean our hearts and bless our minds, for you to dwell us rhyme.

Repeat Refrain I
Repeat Refrain II until end.

And to serve you and love you, for our whole life through.

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